List of Switchwords-excerpt from “The Secret of Perfect Living” by James Mangan

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Switchwords are incredible. Use them daily for incredible results in your life.Tropical Beach

Here is another post from Shunyam Nirav:

‘James Mangan called these special words “switchwords.” A “switchword” is the essence of an experience, condition, or desired result, expressed as a single word. Declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even just mentally “intend” the switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch, the desired result reliably appears.

For example: one of the most practically useful ones is: REACH. — to find anything you’re looking for, such as:

*misplaced items in the physical world (keys, papers, tools, etc.);
*forgotten ideas or information in your mind or memory (names, numbers, etc);
*solutions to problems.

Whenever you misplace something, or are searching for something, or want to solve a problem, just persistently declare or chant, silently or aloud, “REACH.” Then let yourself go wherever you feel to, and watch yourself go directly to what you are looking for! Some aspect of your being knows where it is, and “REACH” reliably makes the connection! Try it … it really works! Very useful in everyday life!

*whenever you want to sell something, say: GIVE.
*whenever you want to make money: COUNT.
*or whenever you want to make something beautiful: CURVE.
*for good health, and/or for peace: BE.
*to work miracles, or for extraordinary accomplishment: DIVINE.
And about 90 more for other specific purposes! plus one master-key switchword to do anything with mastery: TOGETHER.

Using switchwords, you can easily enjoy increased creative power, effectiveness, accomplishment, fun, prosperity, aliveness, togetherness, life mastery, and life satisfaction.

I was fortunate to discover James Mangan’s source book The Secret of Perfect Living (now long out of print) in 1975 and have used switchwords beneficially in everyday life ever since.

This switchwords information is so potentially valuable and useful to every human being, that I did not want to see it fade away into obscurity … it deserves to be widely known and passed on to everyone. So I have presented the switchwords in a new animated-turning-pages e-book (titled Switchwords Easily Give To You Whatever You Want In Life), along with my own insights and stories from 30 years of experiences using switchwords in daily life. I invite you to download and read the free introduction e-booklet (the first 43 pages of 178) at Enjoy!

Thanks and Love,
Shunyam Nirav ‘

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Expect miracles,

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